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You must be aware about what is your Comfort Zone. You need to size them up and with all tools possible win that battle.

Sometimes it is needed to do something that almost pulls your heart out. Your body filled with adrenaline starts responding and your armpit, back, hands and feet begin to sweat.

No, it is not God saying that it is better for you to not follow this path. It’s your intuition’s fault. Our brain is trained to discharge adrenaline when a danger situation it’s happening, because we need to run with all strength and energy that we have.

When the energy isn’t used in that moment is where danger really is, because you could be very stressful and unload it in someone else, by yelling, fighting or killing, even yourself.

Overcoming comfort zone is not easy. You need to have a clearly conviction about your purpose. I am saying that you must see how stepping outside CF will help to succeed in your life and focus on that.

Sometimes like in my case, this conviction comes from inside and another in beliefs.

What are your excuses? I’ve normally thought that I could give up, because “things” are not important and won’t change my life. But actually I was avoiding them and in the end, of course, they were very important.

It is kind of funny when you think about this subject and realize that we always go on extreme when we are afraid. We use to distort the reality, transforming everything into terror movies, but the old trash ones. Yeah, our mind is incredible and really creative in these moments.

We all are human being and we all have these issues. Some can find strength and battle and others get paralyzed. I like to think if someone can do it, I can do it too! Have you ever thought about it?

And what if you like it? What if happen exactly the opposite of your horror movie?

“I promise that you will never know that you are capable of unless you try.” Sheryl Sandberg

PS1: I need to practice my english/essays skills, so i will be delighted if you correct any error of mine

PS2: I got the inspiration to write this essay when i was reading “Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge and Build Confidence” by Andy Molansky