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Vegas was the last place. Mobile call I can’t even remember. Recently we said a far an icy “Hi!” to each other. Still, today we are going to a trip together. It was my sister’s idea and I am looking forward to getting together with them.

My parents have divorced when I was fifteen and since them my mother have taken his father’s seat, so I started to talking with my mom every concern I had and my father became less important in my life. Now I used to think now I am an adult, he can’t teach me anything new or maybe it was my way of thinking to protect myself of our offish relationship.

However, newly I realize that a lot of great things have happened thanks to him and as a consequence, he is getting another seat. Whenever you hate your father, strive yourself for remembering some good facts that have happened thanks to your papa and love him again.

You guys have a great holiday and don’t forget the cause. Jesus died tomorrow and resurrected on Sunday. Be love!