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In the future If someone asks about turning points in my life, certainly I would mention this week.

Yesterday I had an unorthodox dream. A friend of mine was inviting my cousin to working with him. My colleagues from IBMEC were earning a really nice salary, like twenty thousand per month and I could see everything as if I was a ghost. In the dream I was asking myself what I did wrong, because I was a failure. Then, I wake up with “You had the opportunity to study in a very know and expensive college, so I should and could find a great job” thinking in my mind. That was the first message.

Today after talking with my Dad I realize the path I should walk. Brazil is struggling to overcome the worse crisis in our history. As a Economist I expected that, but for the majority it came from nowhere. After my clients had a great 2014 year, crisis hitted hard and by the end of 2015, They got dizzy by the jab, but They still had stamina. The next year came and hitted harder, leaving just 1/3 of their stamin reamining. In those moment, They were staggering in the center of the octagon, but in fight position.

We tried everything to overcome the crisis, but after olympic games and a lot of corruption, Rio de Janeiro is broke and a lot of It citizen is not getting paid. Now, nobody has stamin anymore. They are desperate and without money. Some are facing starve. And that was the second message.

I should get a job that is protected in extreme situations like We are living in RJ, Brazil. I thought about farming, but even that They are stealing food and animals. So, I realize what kind of job this is, because I can invest in another country when mine is facing crisis and I don’t need to have a spot. I can do that living in different countries. Yey!